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Brighton: Here comes the sun

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

After London, Brighton was much more my speed. It’s funny, actually, saying and thinking that each time I navigate to a smaller city than the one I was in before, but it turns out I am sustained not by the busy cities as I was expecting, but by the historical, small towns and countryside. Or, of course, waterside.

The other great thing that Brighton gave me, aside from more manageable crowds, a cozy hostel, and a better mindset, was sun! I hadn't realized how much I had missed the sun after a week in London, but sunshine plus the ocean brought me back to life, one hour at a time. Luckily, I got a good feel for Brighton's main attractions in a neat two-day period. Most of my time was spent under blue skies with just a jacket (not bad for the first week of November), walking along the ocean in one direction and then the other.

Not every city I visited had a story to go along with it; a few just filled me with warmth and good photo opportunities. Please enjoy some of that.


Below, pictured things I did or toured or saw include: the British Airways i360, remnants of Brighton West Pier (burned down in 2003), Upside Down House, Brighton Palace Pier, Brighton Beach, Royal Pavilion, & Brighton Beach Bandstand

Things not pictured that I definitely still did: ate and people-watched by the water, window-browsed a surprisingly large shopping district, got no less than three bubble teas in two days, stumbled upon Poundland, essentially the UK version of a dollar store with many items for £1, which, come on, should definitely have been named "Poundtown," ordered my first drink at a bar alone, & marveled at the inside of the Royal Pavilion, the incredibly well-restored and maintained Asian-style palace built for King George IV

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Your pictures are fantastic Keep up the GREAT work Love, Grandpa

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